Monday, September 29, 2008


Fice! Fice! Fice! The Official Frogskin Release Party

September 30, 2008, 3:51 PM

Downtown Salt Lake came alive over the weekend for the official Fice x Oakley Frogskin release party. Now, it's not a question that cool shops exist in Salt Lake City. But: Fice is arguably the most legit street fashion boutique the 801 has seen. In a long, long time. Owned by pro snowboarder Laura Hadar, Fice has earned a rep with the rowdy crowd—so add free booze and a huge buzz about the glasses—and this night, the SLC party bus stopped here.

Bob Plumb

Fice Owners: Laura Hadar and Corey Bullough

Only one of three shops in the world to land a Frogskin collabo with Oakley, Hadar says, "It's crazy. People are blogging about the sunglasses all over the internet, way beyond snowboarding, wanting to know how to get their hands on a pair." Advice: they best get on that phone to Fice, like, today—production was limited to 100 pieces.

Afterparty? From the invite-only store party, it was then off to Club Sound, where the public joined up for some Ming & Ping. Out of San Francisco, they literally brought the furry, performing in bear suits, Asian costume and face paint. I've never heard of these cats but I'm told they've been used several times by the People crew. —Bob Plumb

CLICK HERE to check out Fice photos from the event.

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