Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cop It Cuz It's Hot!

We've got the shit that Bangs! You could to ... FICE Welcomes newness from Nike ...

Nike pays homage to one of the most beautiful South American countries with a shoe created to celebrate SneakersBR’s second anniversary. The shoe’s main inspiration is Pernambuco, a state in Brazil. Nike looked to a number of different things from Brazil for it's inspiration on this beautiful and colorful new Nike Air Max 1 Premium Quickstrike.. The shoe yields an assortment of vibrant colors & materials, including a Birch/White/Neon Turquoise and Comet Red colorway with a premium leather base and patent leather swoosh. It keeps true to a number of parts on the original Air Max 1 such as the mesh toebox and inner lining, suede side panels and heel. In addition, there’s a speckled translucent sole, Brazilian colors on the tongue tags & ankle area, and the phrase “…Esta Manis No Mesmo Lugar” printed along the heel. The phrase, written in Portuguese, is from Chico Science and means “one step ahead and you are no longerin the same place” which is symbolic of what Nike Sportswear represents and how the products that are a part of Nike Sportswear are remixes and recreations of some of Nike’s greatest products in its history.

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