Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look what the cat drug in!

"A heroic tale of a scrub in his smoky eyeliner..."
How could you not be obsessed?!
This shit is tits! Literally!

In part due to the absolute awesomeness that is douchebag Brett Michaels tragic 3rd round at finding love on reality television. This is my favorite current obsession! The antics of rocker bitches decked out in jelly bangles and stringer fishnet vying for a piece of that bumpkin ass is ferociously ryveting!
I am binging on this Friskies cat crack!
DJ Lady TRIBE rappin her love of Brett off a Herpes/Ghonorreah care crib sheet!
WOW! Rick Dickulous shit!
Salt Lake City's own barely legal train wreck Kelsey reps it with a cry baby rampage after she wastoids out and shows up faded to the elimination round with Farrah and Ashley in tow, all three barely dressed or able to stand. Hilarious!
What is the deal here... I mean Brett Michaels really!? REALLY!?

Dude, is soft! I just want one of the girls to freak out and tear off his mandanna! Give us a glimpse of that shiny head!
I don't know which is more creepy his oompa loompa glow or that weird powty lip face he makes everytime his ed hardy clad ass sees the camera light up... WTF!
I am totally smitten with smart mouthed, bad ass mom Ashley who won my heart after "people who eat basil are lame" and who wouldn't love gorgeous mean streak Brittanya who won't take shit from Season 2's has been, MANJAW Heather!
You two kill it!
...and although Tanya is uber wack with a stick up her butt, and in desperate need of an eyebrow make under, never underestimate the boob!
The bitch gets down when it comes to the stripper pole!

Credit where credit is due...
Kick the Herb ladies!! In the meantime, I'm loving every minute!

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Stone said...

Laura, is that you postin' up this tom-foolery? Seriously, chick... yer killin' me.