Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Girls who Ride!...or DIE!

Last night I took my uber excellante babies to the Tanner Park trails and had to rock it in my suede Ferragamo's! ... which by the way, look delightfully tasty spotted up with river bed silt and bedazzled in burrs!

This event was an otherwise unplanned detour en rout to Socialization101:(An informative gathering for canine and their clueless humans)
So what can I say but, The Nine's rule everything about me!

The infamous KMS once said to me "this is not functional active attire!"
To which I retort "being said mud slide lovin, mountain goat prancin, crick divin bitch that I am! I get down in heels!... KQB style!"...
and prefer other bitches who get the get down and come correct the same way!
Undeniably, to all females who do their damn thing and do the shit with style...
We here at FICE salute you!
Also, We most importantly invite your pretty little fingers in to try on new threads from
"For girls who ride"...or die!

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